News from the Urtehagen (Herb Gardern) Orphanage in Burao

Elever ved PC

It is great! The Urtehagen (Herb garden) foundation has built a new school in the orphanage. And since this fall the school has been running. Children in the orphanage are now also offered opportunities for education . Thanks to everyone who contributes. There are 57 school-aged children attending the school – a very good and important foundation for life and learning. The school is now also supported by the Karin Foundation, Somalis in the United States. The rest is the Herb Foundations responsibility as before.

Urtehagen sendte container med blant annet PC’er og PlayStation til barna på skolen og barnehjemmet.
New school operative. Important for the children. Everyone has got new school uniforms.
Disabled children also receive uniforms. All the children learn exciting data on computers on computers collected from donors in Norway.