News in English

Read news from Urtehagen International in english here. Latest update: This is great indeed! A new School has been built and is now opened for the children in the Orphanage. Complimenting everyone for contributing! Many thanks to Karin Foundation for crucial financial support to maintain and run the School, providing a good start in life and learning for the children. …

Pictures of the school

The children needed a new school. They went to a public school far away from the orphanage. To get there, they had to ride the orphanage bus. The roads are in a very bad condition, and in the rainy season they were hardly able to get there. The bus was widely used, but it is also not in a very …

Skolen er ferdig!

Barnehjemmet i Burao har fått et nytt og flott skolebygg! Endelig er skolen ferdig! Vi takker alle som har vært med å gjøre dette mulig ved å bidra. Her kan dere se lederen på barnehjemmet, Fosiya Janaale, tar imot nøklene!